Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So it begins…

So starts a project I have been wanting to jump into for a whileblogging. I have to say this only adds to the long list of hobbies and responsibilities that I already haveactually the fact that I put “hobbies” before “responsibilities” kind of describes my life pretty accurately. This little project is hopefully going to not only add to self-discovery (I’m 21 and this is kind of what life is about right now) but to also chronicle my journey of life. It is somewhat hard to start the first official post so I think I’m just going to dive right in

Maybe the best thing to do right now is some small introductions

Bella Jean

Loves her “babies”, swimming machine, notorious for the “perimeter rub”, somehow impossible to punish, only creature that has ever slept in my bed (and probably ever will), unlimited nicknames, lounge hound, living anti-depressant, sounds like a gremlin, the best thing in the world on a bad day


My best friend, completely devoted to her “baby birds”, sorta embarrassing, the old lady going back to college, hilarious, comes and lays in bed with her 21 year old when asked (no matter what time of night or what the drama), always there when needed (and when not needed), always burns the rolls, creator of “the limp”, coined the term “basatoe”, going to be an amazing teacher, my hero, best momma in the world (trust me), always up for floating in the pool (and a Hardees Milkshake, chocolate, extra thick)

King Daddy. . .

Creator of multiple nicknames, source of humor (and money), professional channel flipper, notorious hobbyist, dreams of owning a plane, the tree that the apple didn’t fall far from, major marshmallow, owner of "The Fish Shirt", best poppy in the world (again, trust me), proud daddy, taught me I could do anything, loves the Zeeta more than anything in the world, hardest working person I know, requires a bowl of cereal to "settle his stomach", sometimes called "Major Pain", created his own nickname, loves the Duke and when you get him a drink at supper

Teelay. . .

Always barefoot, the Luigi to my Mario, huge fan of the “peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with no jelly, and butter sandwich", refuses to take medicine, health food fanatic, fellow bio-nerd, founder of the “Numa Numa” song, bane of Bella’s existence, lover of all things random, a pretty bitchin’ judge of character, wears Vibrams, totally tried to make a chainmail vest, best “vibe” giver, ½ of the best bro duo in the world (I will fight anyone on this), sliced open his own heel with his toenail, has some pretty notorious facial expressions, eats peanut butter tablespoons at a time. . .


Pretty fantastic artist, loves to have his back scratched, best person to pick on (ever), was at one point in his life the fastest kid in 5th Grade, SUPER protective, the baby brother, has a pretty sweet “Indian war whoop”, owns swords, totally would win “most athletic”, the other ½ of the best bro duo in the world (still will fight anyone on this), loves him some Cardinals, at times called "Roach-Man-Squito", has my feet (on steroids), treats his girlfriend like every girl should be treated, secretly loves his nickname, way too sexy for his shirt, theme song is totally “Kryptonite”


Totally stubborn, love my family and Bella-Boo, major nerd but lovin’ it, wishing I was born in the 50’s, want to make a difference, love to create, enjoy insects and all things random, can be a bit moody (but totally blame that on being a lady), horrible at decision, adore laughing, living in a small town but dreaming in a big city, find reading to be an escape, love to cook but hate following a recipe, have no problem being a bum (pretty much have become a pro), can’t wait to grow up (maybe)

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gntinboden said...

Man sure looks like you have a great and "interesting" family... Can't wait to read your next post because you know I know better than anyone you have a lot of very intersting life stories to share! - The momma